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COVID-19 Policies

Disinfection Protocol :

All animals are run through a Ultraviolet  Car wash every morning before operations for the day begin. We spray the animals with Oxiver disinfectant  a fabric Sanitizer before and after every customer . This is  Canadian government approved and takes less than one minute to dry . All Stuffy Rider employees  Hand Wand every animal with an industry Canada industry approved Ultra Violet Wand before every ride .

UV Wands  :

We use high Frequency UV light rays to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. This means that once interlinking chemical bonds between molecules in germs ,bacteria and viruses are broken, they are destroyed almost instantly  .

Social Distancing  :

We strictly enforce distancing in the customer line-up, employ a corral in stores which limit customer movements. Stuffy Rider Employees also wear a custom designed face shield for their protection and protection of all our customers . In Stuffy Rider stores we have plexiglass barriers and UV protection lights installed at the cash counter.

Canadian UV Wand Certificate  :


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