Best fun ever during a pandemic

A very cool and fun thing to do with the whole family when there are not a lot of options left. The mall is super large, spacious and all on one level, so there is a LOT of room for you to ride without feeling bored. The staff, especially John and Simran, really go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and safe, especially in a pandemic environment. I was half expecting some stuffies to be dirty, needing charging, or out of order, but every single stuffy was pristine and in good working order! We were able to pick ANY stuffy! The store was clean, and they had one way traffic for people picking up and dropping off. They even have the UV light wand to kill viruses and germs on the stuffies. I have to say, I was a bit nervous about bringing the whole family to an indoor space, and the potential for crowds. However, because the mall is so large, the ceilings are so high, and the corridors are so wide, the worries completely dissipated upon arrival. We rode for almost 2 hours and got a ton of shopping done, as we easily parked the stuffies outside the shops. There was no concern about blocking customer access or getting in the way. We had riders ranging from aged 6 to 50 and everyone had a blast! Definitely an activity where social distancing is possible without the fun being taken away. The mall has something for everyone, and gives the feel of shopping in the States!